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What Is A Film Strip?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A blog post by Darkroom 8 Team

In film photography a film strip is basically the ‘hardcopy results’ of your photos usually made of transparent plastic film.

Commonly it’s also known as ‘negatives’ in which the lightest area of the photographed subject appears darkest and the darkest areas appear lightest. However, this does not apply to slide film (E6 process) because it produces positive images instead. Hence, we prefer to use the term ‘film strips’ for film rolls that are already developed whether it’s 35mm or 120.

120 C41 film strip; 35mm C41 film strip; 35mm slide film strip; 120 slide film strip

By reading from the film strip, you can essentially find out the details of the film stock used. Details such as film manufacturer name, type of film, film ISO, and frame count should be visibly printed on the film strips. You can also compare the details with your film canister/packaging to cross check whether it was advertised correctly by the seller.

Details such as manufacturer, expiry date, and ISO can be seen on film packaging or canister.

Details will also be imprinted on film strips.

Film strips can be a great learning tool and reference for you to keep track of what you’ve taken photos of. You can also use the film strips to rescan or print it using enlarger in the future if stored under cool and dry environments for an extended period of time.

We always encourage our customers to collect it back in person or via postal service as it’s their property that rightfully belong to them. Do take note that as per our renewed 2021 policy, we’ll only store the film strips for 60 days starting from the invoice date.

To collect via Pos Malaysia (within Malaysia), you can place an order easily here - .


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