Noritsu HS1800 Agfa 200

Noritsu hs1800

Film: Agfa 200

Size: 16.9Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 6774 x 4492

Fujifrontier SP3000 Agfa 200

fujifrontier sp3000

Film: Agfa 200

Size: 5Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 5397 x 3602

film format-01.png

Noritsu hs1800

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200

Size: 16.9Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 6774 x 4492


fujifrontier sp3000

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200

Size: 5Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 5397 x 3602


Noritsu HS1800

Noritsu HS1800

Fujifrontier sp3000

Fujifrontier Sp3000

Noritsu hs1800

Film: Kodak Tmax 100

Size: 16.9Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 6774 x 4492


fujifrontier sp3000

Film: Kodak Tmax 100

Size: 5Mb (+-)

Dimensions: 5397 x 3602


Address, operation time, public transport


Darkroom8, 62, Jalan Galian, Taman Miharja, 55200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Public Transport:

  1. MRT (Pintu B exist) 3 minutes walking distance

  2. LRT 2 minutes walking distance

Operation time: Monday - Sunday 10am - 8pm

What is the best way to ship my film?

  1. We do accept courier and on demand delivery service. You can choose the one which you prefer to.

  2. You must include a note with your name, email address and phone number in the parcel with your film.

  3. Film that is received without information will be held out of the processing queue until the information has been received afterwards and payment have been made.

*Daily C41 cut off time is 2pm. Film that received after 2pm may be checked in the following business day.

Price and turnover time

(C41) Color Film Processing and Scanning

  • RM 14.80 *1 Working Day ( Same working day )

Black and White Film Processing and Scanning

  • RM 14.80 *2 Working Days

Color Motion Film Processing and Scanning

  • RM 18.00 *3 Working Days

(E6) Slide Color Processing and Scanning

  • RM 38.00 *1-4 Weeks


  1. For film with sprocket hole broken we may unable scan it.
  2. Additional RM10 per roll for 3D/4D camera and request scan with sprocket hole. (turnover time within a week)
  3. Daily C41 cut off time is 2pm. Film that received after 2pm may be checked in the following business day.

How I know if you have received my films?

Once we receive your film we will send you an invoice through email. If you do not receive and email from us perhaps you can check your spam or promotion folder or you contact us through Facebook page message, Instagram direct message or email us.

How do I make payment?

We will send you an invoice through email after we received your film. Our bank account information will attach inside the email and you can proceed with online transfer.

*If you unable proceed with instant transfer kindly use normal/GIRO transfer due to our account is enterprise account.

Palpay request will be sent if you're oversea customer.


Do you offer push/pull processing?

Yes, we can push film up to 3 stops or pull film 1 stop. Kindly indicate the film needs to be pushed or pulled and by how many stops (i.e. Push +2 or Pull -1). Also, please indicate which roll you need pushed or pulled by placing a note in the parcel. Push processing is an additional RM2.oo per stop while there is no additional charge for pull processing. Check the pull/push processing explanation for more detail information.

*Pull processing only available for C41and color film has such latitude that it is not necessary to pull, and the film doesn’t respond well to pulls; we don’t recommend pulling color film.

What processor and scanner you have used?

We use Noritsu V30, JOBO ATL, JOBO CPP2, JOBO CPE2 for developing and Fuji Frontier SP500, Fuji Frontier SP3000 and Noritsu HS1800 for scanning.

Do you process Disposable Cameras or Waterproof Cameras?

Of course, we do! You have to send the whole camera to us and we will remove, process and scan the film for you. Disposable or waterproof cameras are priced as a roll of 35mm film. Check the price page for more detail pricing information.

Do you process pre-soaked film?

Sorry, no. That might mess up the chemicals for other customer’s film.


How will my scans be delivered?

We will upload your file through WeTransfer. Your download link is only valid for 1 week. If by some chance you do not receive your download link within the turnover time, please check your spam or promotion folder or contact us immediately.

Do you keep customer’s negative?

Due to limitation of space we only able keep your film strip up to 60 days (start from the invoice date). We will be happy if you wish to return your negative as it can be used to rescan, contact sheet, darkroom printing and etc.

There are 3 options for you

  1. Walk-in pick up your film strip during our operation hour.
  2. We will issue you an invoice for the postage of return your film strip. The shipping rate will be flat rate RM8 for West Malaysia and RM12 for East Malaysia. (You can combine orders within 90 days together.)
  3. Oftentimes, customers see no need to hold on to their negatives and we will dispose of them for you.

We will do everything in our power to get in touch with you to get updated information. However, if we do not receive updated info/payment within 30 days after the storage period, we reserve the right to no longer archive your negatives.

Do you keep customer’s digital file?

We only keep customer’s digital file as a backup up to 90 days in case customer has lost their file. Kindly inform us to reupload to you if your file has lost.

What if I lost my file?

WeTransfer link is valid for 1 week. If you unable manage to download it before it expired or you have lost your file within 90 days, we can resend the file to you again. However, if your link is more than 90 days old it requires re-scanning. Check the rate if scanning for more detail information.

What is your scanning file size?

Our scanning came in JPEG format and the scanning inches and resolution as below:

Fuji Frontier SP3000 and Fuji Frontier SP500

In inches 12x18 In pixels


  • 5000x3000 + -


  • 645 4500 x 3500

  • 6x6 3500 x 3500

  • 6x7 4500 x 3500

  • 6x9 5400 x 3500

Noritsu HS-1800


  • 6774 x 4492


  • 645 4824 x 3533

  • 6x6 4832 x 4760

  • 6x7 5902 x 4815

  • 6x9 7139 x 4903

  • 6x12 9794 x 4912

Note: The image scanned is 95% of the frame which is Fuji Frontier and Noritsu default ratio.

What is your scanning file DPI?

Our scanning DPI is 300 however if you open your image in Lightroom or Photoshop, you will notice they are 72 DPI yet 30x40 inches. To see the size in inches, you can re-sample them to 300 DPI. The file size is exactly the same and not a web-sized image.

Do you provide TIFFs scanning?

Sorry about that due to the size of TIFFs format and our workflow we no longer provide TIFFs format. TIFFs format will not increase the resolution. It only less compressed than JPEG.

Special request

Additional charge RM10 per roll.

Special scanning situation example which require manual scan with boarder, 3D/4D camera, sprocket hole broken, etc will take additional working days (normally within a week).

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. We will not return film canisters and disposable camera.
  2. Every care will be taken with all films, negatives and any other material that you send to us. However, in case of any accident, damage or loss, our liability will be limited to replacing your film with a similar unexposed film of the approximate equivalence. We will also not be liable for any damage resulting any mishandling or damage of image file.
  3. When developing, if the roll of 35mm has torn sprockets, there is a chance we will be unable to scan or develop the roll. In these instances, we will reach out to the customer.
  4. Bulk-loaded rolls that are longer than 39 frames may need to be cut before developing and the customer may therefore lose a frame.
  5. If a mailed package is returned to the lab as undelivered, the customer will need to pay a second shipping charge to have the package resent.
  6. We will not responsible for third-party companies, such as Poslaju, JnT Express and any damage/delay to packages being sent to/from us. Darkroom8 is not responsible for any damage to property due to fire, flood, or any other Act of God.
  7. Do not send unexposed film to us. We will not responsible if it turn out empty.
  8. Inform us in advance if you have any special request or questions. We will not accept special request after the film has been processed

Meet Chris Voss

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Participant Profile

Negotiation Dynamics delivers great strategic and operational leverage to any executive who needs to interact with others to get results. 

Participants include executives with many different roles, including:

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While the programme is not restricted to managers in specific functions (however the above list would most benefit from it). Prior training in negotiating skills is useful but not essential.

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