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Darkroom8 daily working routines.

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A blog post by Darkroom 8 Team

This blog will write about Darkroom8 daily working routines. The reasons why we're writing this blog is to enable you understand more behind the scenes of Darkroom8 and also figure out how your film will be processed and handled by us.

We will divide our task in 4 sections

  1. Paperwork 

  2. Film Developing 

  3. Film Scanning 

  4. Others 


Our paperwork other than normal replying customer questions, which also included registering each customer’s profile and film, arranging shipment of return film strip, etc. Other than that, Education of Film also a main task and goal of what we do at Darkroom8. Preparing education posts of film tips and tricks, basic film understanding and advanced knowledge.

Developing Task 

Developing section, we’re offering C41 , black and white, motion and E6 film processing. Apart from these, we're still exlopring other film type of processing.

Jobo AutoLab ATL 1

We use different equipment which are Noritsu Processor (C41), JOBO Processor (Motion film, Black and White Film, E6). 

Nortisu Processor

Film Dryer Cabinet

Furthermore, we have Omega and LPL enlarger for darkroom print. We do offer darkroom print workshop (however it was suspended due to Covid-19), which enable film photographer can experience the traditional darkroom printing.

Omega Universal 4x5 enlarger

LPL color enlarger C7700

Scanning Task 

Scanning part, we have 2 units of Fuji Frontier SP3000, 2 units of Fuji Frontier SP500 and 1 unit of Fuji SP2000.

Fuji Frontier SP3000

Fuji Frontier SP3000

Hence, with the amount of scanner machines which enable us to boost up our pace. Even though speed is important, QUALITY comes first! See our scanning resolution for more understanding

Fuji Frontier Keyboard
Fuji CN-16 / C41 Control Strips

Others Keep our environment clean, tidy and optimistic!

Words unable to describe in detail our daily working routines. We used to work under a high pressure working condition as all the tasks from zero to the end are interrelated and low tolerance of error. What keeps us keep going even under a tension environment with repeating tasks everyday? The passionate about film.


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