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What is your scanning file size?

Fuji Frontier SP3000 and Fuji Frontier SP500


  • 5000x3000 + -


  • 645 4500 x 3500

  • 6x6 3500 x 3500

  • 6x7 4500 x 3500

  • 6x9 5400 x 3500

Noritsu HS-1800


  • 6774 x 4492


  • 645 4824 x 3533

  • 6x6 4832 x 4760

  • 6x7 5902 x 4815

  • 6x9 7139 x 4903

  • 6x12 9794 x 4912

Noritsu LS-600


  • 6048 x 4011

Note: The image scanned is 95% of the frame which is Fuji Frontier and Noritsu default ratio.

Note : *135

Every film scanners have its own strengths and weaknesses. For 135 color film extremely underexposed, extremely overexposed, frame overlapping, frame without gap it may caused scanner unable to scan it. Hence, we have the right to decide which scanner to perform the scanning for the roll with these issues.

Do you keep customer’s negative? 

Due to limitation of space we are only able keep your film strip up to 60 days (start from the invoice date). We will be happy if you wish to return your negative as it can be used to rescan, contact sheet, darkroom printing and etc.

There are 2 options for you

  • Walk-in pick up your film strip during our operation hour (appointment basis)

  • We will issue you an invoice for the postage of return your film strip. The shipping rate will be flat rate RM8 for West Malaysia and RM12 for East Malaysia. (You can combine orders within 60 days together.) Kindly proceed with the postage payment through our website:

We will do everything in our power to get in touch with you to get updated information. However, if we do not receive updated info/payment within 7 days after the storage period, we reserve the right to no longer archive your negatives.


How will my scans be delivered?

We will upload your file through WeTransfer. Your download link is only valid for 1 week. If by some chance you do not receive your download link within the turnover time, please check your spam or promotion folder or contact us immediately.

Do you provide TIFFs scanning?

Sorry about that due to the size of TIFFs format and our workflow we no longer provide TIFFs format. TIFFs format will not increase the resolution. It only less compressed than JPEG.

Special request?

Additional RM10 per roll for non standard 35mm frame and request scan with sprocket hole. (turnover time within a week)

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