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How to get my digital file after payment made?

  • After we receive your payment we will process your film. For the turnover time you can refer our film processing turnover time form.

  • After developed and scanned, we will upload your file to you through Wetranfer. There’s a download link inside your email. You can download your file by clicking the download link.

How if the turnover time have passed and i still haven’t receive email from you?

In this situation it may due to:

  • The email have recognised as spam mail, promotion mail or other. You can check your all mailbox.

  • It may due to invalid email address. You can contact us to double check your email address.

  • It may due to internet network issue when we uploading your film (minority issue). You can contact us for resend you the file.

After i downloaded my file is there anything i have to take note?

  • Before download you have to check the file size whether it match with your file after downloaded or not. Due to sometime internet network stability it will cause your file downloaded incompletely.

Can i know how long will you backup our digital file?

  • Once we have emailed you the digital file we will only backup it for 1 month.

  • We recommend after downloaded your file you can double back up your file. Example store it in your computer at the same time store it at your drive because hard disk get spoilt is unpredictable.

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