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Eterna 8573

Fujifilm Eterna 8573 which was discontinued in 2011/introduced in 2004, so it's expired, but thanks to correct storage it holds up very well. The color tone for motion picture negative films is different compared to color negative films. The film made for motion pictures must be capable of being enlarged and projected on the big screen in the cinema, therefore there are strict requirements for the quality and tolerance of the films made for the movie industry.

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Color Temperature

Eterna 500 is color balanced for tungsten light (3200k), and requires no filters for use in these conditions. Smooth, natural and beautiful which are the characteristics of this motion film.

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Dramatically improved grain produces natural results for even the most sophisticated studio work including digital processing and computer graphics.consistently reproduces excellent skin tones by embodying a balanced interlayer effect in each exposure range (require high std camera or requirement) (link for reference)

Color Temputure.png

Outstanding gray balance


Try It Now!

This film’s subtle expressive power and ability to capture detail brings imagination to life. Try and see. You will certainly find yourself addicted to filming motion picture negative films.

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