What processor and scanner you have used? 

We use Noritsu V30, JOBO ATL, JOBO CPP2, JOBO CPE2 for developing and Fuji Frontier SP500, Fuji Frontier SP3000, Noritsu LS600 and Noritsu HS1800 for scanning.

Do you offer push/pull processing?

Yes, we can push film up to 3 stops or pull film 1 stop. Kindly indicate the film needs to be pushed or pulled and by how many stops (i.e. Push +2 or Pull -1). Also, please indicate which roll you need pushed or pulled by placing a note in the parcel. Push processing is an additional RM2.oo per stop while there is no additional charge for pull processing. Check the pull/push processing explanation for more detail information.

*Pull processing only available for C41and color film has such latitude that it is not necessary to pull, and the film doesn’t respond well to pulls; we don’t recommend pulling color film.

Fuji Disposable.jpg

Do you process Disposable Cameras or Waterproof Cameras?

Of course, we do! You have to send the whole camera to us and we will remove, process and scan the film for you. Disposable or waterproof cameras are priced as a roll of 35mm film. Check the price page for more detail pricing information.

Do you process pre-soaked film?

Sorry, no. That might mess up the chemicals for other customer’s film.